2018: Bloom

I was hoping to say that I came into 2018 with a clear vision of who I am and what I want, but that’s not happening and I’m ok with it.
I have an idea and that’s better than nothing.
There’s been a lot of deep thinking over here the last week or so.

Last year my word was focus and I thought the work of focusing on myself would be external but the majority of it was internal, which was good and I would like that to continue this year.

Here I am, 38yrs old and struggling to adult properly. I know everyone has their own path, but I feel so far behind my peers in most areas of adulthood.
I feel stuck in ‘start over’ mode and I’m done with it.

My word for 2018 is BLOOM.

I realize that in order to fully bloom, I need to take my walls down and be more vulnerable.
I can’t keep shutting people and experiences out because I’m afraid of getting hurt, or because I give in to the voice of insecurity. I said yes to opportunities and possibilities last year and even though it was a little scary, those experiences were ultimately a good thing.

I want more of what makes me happy and will help me grow, even if it makes me nervous or uncomfortable.
I will always be stuck if I remain unwilling to take the risk.

It’s time to come off autopilot and get back to being intentional about our daily life.
I want to pick up my camera and remember what it feels like to enjoy photographing our everyday.

I used to find so much joy and happiness in the little things. My kids are growing quickly and lately I feel like I’m missing it because I’m not allowing myself to be fully present.

More accepting of what is and letting go of what I can’t change.

No more waiting for the perfect moment because I’ll be waiting forever, and life is short.

Technology is great and I enjoy connecting with people across the social networks, but I am craving more face to face interaction and connection.

More adventures with my kids no matter the season.
Doesn’t always have to be outside.

Daily journaling and a gratitude list.

Reminding myself to breathe and take it one day at a time.

Those are some of my personal and professional goals for this year.
I purchased a new planner and I’m hoping it will help with better time management and achieving my goals.

I hope this year is full of all kinds of amazing for all of us!



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4 Replies to “2018: Bloom”

  1. Great word for 2018! Here’s to an awesome new year and blooming!

    1. Thank you! Hope your 2018 is fabulous.

  2. Love this word!
    It always good to grow/bloom as a person and I hope you thrive this year in that.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and I’m enjoying it so far. Working on vulnerability as part of my growth and blooming this year.

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