31 Days of Loving The Ordinary

He was teaching me how to play Chest 🙂
A moment when they weren’t fighting…

This summer is flying by a little too fast.
I spent the day going between playing with the kids and de-cluttering. My intention was to take them to a splash pad later in the afternoon, well the afternoon turned to evening and we were still in the house.
Ava and Samuel have been arguing since she woke up and I couldn’t take anymore, so at 7:30pm I told them to get dressed because we were going out.

Big thanks to Family Trails for the swag and for sharing one of our adventures on their blog!
The kids kept asking where we were going and I kept saying it was a surprise.

Samuel was disappointed when we pulled up and we were at the park with no swings, but once he saw the sunset and his sisters jumped out of the car talking about how pretty it was he perked up.



I sat there for a while, watching the sunset while they played and thought about all the ideas I have but never put into action. Then I started thinking about how I used to enjoy taking pictures and posting them to the blog on a daily basis.
How I need to be more present and make sure I’ve done my best for them when our heads hit the pillow every night.
I don’t want to worry about the picture or moment being perfect…I want us to look back and remember the memories we made summer of 2016.

So I’ve decided to jump into this new project last-minute, but I think it’ll be challenging and fun.


I’m starting 31 Days of Loving The Ordinary.
A single photo, series of photos, or video of our everyday for the month of July.

You can join me here on the blog, or on Instagram if you like.
No pressure to join for the whole month or at all!
If you only want to do a day or week, I would still love to see what you choose to share.
If you blog, leave a link to your post in the comments. Instagram? Use #loving_the_ordinary.