A week of slow

I started the week off watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey and working on my cowl.
Finally found the mustard yellow I’ve been wanting for months, and I love it!
This is Big Twist Chunky wool blend from Joann Fabric, and I see it’s still on sale….may have to go grab several more skeins.
I really like this yarn. It’s soft, squishy and I think they colors are beautiful.


Took the kids to Toys R Us to spend their money from mamaw and peepaw.


Also picked up poster paint, water color paint, crayons, color pencils, glue, construction paper, white printing paper, and poster board while we were out.

siblings posterpaint

He wanted me to take a picture of his block restaurant

block restaurant

We were playing Uno and then they came up with their own game…


James Bond is such a sweet and cuddly cat.


A few days ago they had been arguing with each other from the time they woke up.
By the end of the day they were all cuddled up like this, so I had to take a picture.


I wanted to say thank you all for your comments on my last post.
While I can be like a rock when we’re in the midst of hospital stays and sickness, I fall apart once we’re on the other side. I’m trying to allow us time to slow down and recover physically and emotionally.

If I want to knit then I’m going to relax and knit. If I want to sleep in, I can and not feel bad for it.
We don’t leave the house for days because we don’t feel like it? Maybe that’s what we need at the moment.
I need to vent? I’m gonna do it. Feeling happy and content? I’ll talk about those times as well.
This is us slowing down this week and this is me not beating myself up for not doing more.
I am doing enough by raising my babies…that’s a huge job in itself.