About Last Week…

The weather has been gorgeous over the last several days.
I love walking into the living room/kitchen area on sunny days because the light and shadows are so pretty around 7-8am.

Sometimes one of the kids might be up, usually Nakiah or Samuel, and other times I’m the only one up.
It’s still pretty quiet around this time and I like being able to start my day like this.

IMG_0209 IMG_0208

I’ve been trying to take pictures everyday, sometimes I share them and sometimes I don’t.
Learning to use my new camera has been interesting and fun, but mostly frustrating this last week.
There’s SO MUCH to learn and I want to know it all and be able to use it now!

I noticed I’ve been more into capturing the perfect moment according to the “experts” over the moments I normally see and love. That’s probably where most of my frustration is coming from. I’ve had to stop reading and just pick up my camera and shoot. So these photos are a mix of iphone and Canon.



I focused on cleaning up their work spaces.
I’ve been nervous about setting the microscope out because I didn’t want the cats knocking it over and breaking it, or something else happening to it. It used to set on this table in the box, and they would use it from time to time.

Now it sets on the table all ready to use. I have tin right next to it filled with twigs, flower petals, rocks, sand, yarn, the slides, specimens and tweezers it came with.
Samuel couldn’t wait to see what a Lego looked like up close.



There are crayons, white paper, construction paper, and stencils for them to use, and didn’t take long before they came over to start drawing.


Drawing together and not picking at each other = must take a picture or it didn’t happen.

IMG_0244 IMG_0198

I moved their puzzles, threw out our old Lego bin and put them in this cute purple bucket from Dollar Tree.
They played for 2-3 hours like they were brand new!


Instead of waiting to find the perfect picture frames, or until I finally purchased string and laundry clips to hang their art on, we starting tapping it to the wall as is.


TAZO organic baked cinnamon apple tea on the stoop mid morning one day.


Playing his version of Uno…


A walk or dance around the neighborhood.


What is it with cats and boxes?


Bedtime for them…but I haven’t been too far behind lately.


I’ve been exhausted these last few weeks.
I won’t go into everything that has happened, or is coming up, but for future reference I would like to request everything be spread out over the course of a year.

Even with all the chaos, last week had some really good moments, and this week isn’t looking too bad.