Aullwood Nature Center & Farm

We visited the Aullwood Nature Center/Farm not too long ago, and we loved it!
I’m thinking we’ll get a membership since it’s inexpensive, we’ll get reciprocity at another nature center a city over, and both places offer classes.

The kids have been asking about attending a homeschool co-op this, but agreed to wait until next year as long as I promised to take them to lots of museums/parks for the rest of this year. We’ll miss the co-op in Virginia and I haven’t had much luck finding anything here, partly because I’m not looking all that much at the moment.
A big outing like a museum is a lot to tackle weekly like we would at a co-op, so I’m thinking we can do museums monthly/bi-monthly and parks we can do weekly. I’m sure nothing will worked out as planned, ha!
Besides all that, we just moved, and I’m not up for trying to enroll them in a co-op this year.

The Nature Center is amazing!
There are porches and observation decks, and the entire place is surrounded by all kinds of flowers, birds, and trails.


Inside there are discovery stations and individual rooms where the kids can play, touch, and explore.
One of our first stops was the bird watching room.

birdwatching eatupbirdie hummingbirdsmaybe
Blocks, puppets, and looking at everything through a magnifying glass in another room.

buildingahouse treepuppet magnifying glass exploration
Kiah didn’t care much for the room with animal skins…she said it was creepy and refused to walk through the door.

Tic Tac Toe.

This room had snakes, turtles, and big birds.
The girls were attempting to make a bird’s nest without using their hands since birds don’t have hands.

Bees! The queen was marked with a green dot on the other side of the glass.

working bees

We had the option of taking the 10min walk to the nature trail or driving the car over to the farm.
The kids chose the trail. I am so proud of myself you guys! You know trails are usually not my thing…. but I’ll do it for the children. I love nature, just not everything you can come into contact with in nature.

bythestream streamplay
Samuel ran whenever he could. He said walking takes too long.

themarsh werunthetrails
Kiah suggested we walk the prairie trail next time.

It took us more like 20mins to get to the farm. The trail was really muddy in certain areas, we had a couple of rabbits cross our path, and we stopped for a 5min rest after the steps.

Finally! We made it to the farm, but they weren’t interested in the farm animals just yet.

I wish I could say we made it through the trail without any mosquito bites, but I forgot to put the bug spray in my purse. Samuel got the worse of it with several on his neck and the back of his legs.

tothefarm giantsandbox tractor
It’s a working farm and you can buy meat, eggs, milk, and honey.
They also have a discovery room with other areas set up for kids to play and explore.
We didn’t get a chance to explore the entire farm area either, maybe on our next trip.

farmclassroom IMG_4298
All kinds of adorable going on here!

At the entrance to the stables.


I came around the corner to this scene…


I love this one. Looks like the horse is really trying to get Samuel to pet her again.

heyyou pet the horse

Kiah said horses are her most favorite animals, besides our cat. I told her about the one or two times I went horseback riding, and she asked if that is something she could do. Add horseback riding to our list of activities.

We also saw pigs, goats, donkeys, and sheep.

babygoat runsheeprun

What farm is complete without a cat?