1. I love the diversity and modest dress. I’ve seen what Cosmo is about and it is NOT for little girls! (and yet I know young teen girls that read it). My daughter will love seeing girls’ starting their own businesses, too!

    I don’t see a place to put my email address, but its because I’m already logged into WP for commenting… so I think you can still contact me through this. Otherwise, you know you can find me on the NPN Volunteer page!

  2. I love this magazine and have shared it with my Girl Talk classes in the past. I love that it not only encourages girls to speak their truths but it captures real girl’s stories of how they bravely chose to be themselves as well.

  3. Sandy B

    I love that they are showing positive images of young girls. My daughter will love this as she is interested in starting her own business as well. I’ve shared this on Facebook & Pinterest.

  4. OK. This is insanely cute. And I love the Dr. Seuss quote! I think all of my kids will love this, AND so will I. It’ll be one more kids magazine I will let them read besides Highlights ;). I’m sharing this on my twitter stream now @Lactationjrny!

  5. I like it, Darcel, thanks for sharing. 🙂 Specifically I like that BYOU is working to help girls stop seeking external validation so they do rely on their own inner resources. We all need this. How do I encourage this with my kids… the first thing that comes to mind is reminding us all of the power to choose – our thoughts, actions, ability to to trust ourselves… 🙂

  6. BYOU Magazine does a REMARKABLE job at not only boosting girls’ self-esteem but in teaching them to accept and love themselves as well as others; to embrace their uniqueness and individuality in a happy, healthy and world-changing way. My daughter is a girl scout and has been supported through their fun activities, events and articles that she shares with her friends to fight bullying and support eachother. <3 We love BYOU! magazine!!!!!!! <3

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