Seeing The Beauty In Autism

Beauty may not be a word people use when talking about Autism.
Living with a child on the spectrum can be challenging at times.
Our lives are like the best roller coaster, full of hills and twists and turns, excitement one minute and terrified the next.

beautiful young lady

Finding and seeing the beauty in Autism can be hard  when your life consists of various therapies, your child only eats four things, doesn’t go to sleep until 2am, or wakes at 3am every.single.night. You’re sleep deprived, you’re doing your part for Autism awareness, you’re researching, educating family, friends, and sometimes strangers.

Maybe you have a child who hasn’t potty trained yet, a child who is non verbal, or a child with severe learning disabilities.

Maybe you’re dreading the next IEP meeting, or you might be that one parent who is up at your child’s school every single day acting as his aid because the school continues to tell you it’s not in the budget to provide that service to your child.

Beauty in Autism_her smile

Maybe you’r thinking about homeschooling your child but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Maybe you get frustrated at times because your child has a hard time with daily living tasks but can name every type of dinosaur or bug to ever roam the earth.

Maybe you go to bed feeling guilty for being frustrated, or you struggle with all the ‘what ifs’ on a daily basis.

I know this is some of the hardest work you’ve ever done and never in a million years did you expect to be the parent of an Autistic child. You’ve been subjected to article after article about what causes Autism and you have well meaning friends offering the use of essential oils to cure your child of Autism. You’ve dealt with ignorant comments such as She doesn’t look like she has Autism, and you’re over all of it.

The beauty is in how you’ve come to see the world through your child’s eyes.

There’s beauty in the way you love and accept your child for exactly who he is.

The Beauty is in realizing all of your feelings are valid.

There’s beauty in talking with your child about Autism and listening to her describe all the ways she’s smart and unique. 

The beauty is in meeting your child where she is.

The beauty is in your strength and courage.  This parenting journey is not for the weak.

Beauty in Autism_sibling love

There’s beauty in the way you show up for your child every single day. The words ‘give up’ are not a part of your vocabulary.

There’s beauty in the way you advocate for your child, and your passion for helping others on the same journey.

There’s beauty in the  way you remain this unmovable rock for your child.

There’s beauty in the your unshakable faith in your child.

The beauty is in the pure joy your child gets from watching the same thing over and over, or the way he/she lines up her favorite toys. 

The beauty is in the way your child’s eyes light up when you come home with a new bug book.

The beauty is in the moments you spend with your child at 3am while the rest of the house sleeps.

The beauty is in how you celebrate meeting the small goals as much as the big goals.

We were gifted these amazing, precious children to look after.
These smart, courageous children, born with all their quirks and amazing talents and gifts.


What beauty do you see in Autism?

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*This post was first published as a guest post on Geek Club Books in 2015*