I am so glad I’ve made a point to document the good moments, because it’s only Monday and I’m already done. Samuel has been a force….and we’re both low on sleep. He’s been melting down left and right today. Maybe he’s still not feeling well. Whatever it is….I hope it passes quickly.

A little peek at our latest library book haul.
You can’t see them from here, but there are also books on sea life for each child…Octopus, Dolphins, Sharks, and Jellyfish.

library book haul

Sorting beads with one of his sisters.

samuelbeading beading-sorting

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday. Kiah asked if we could stop by the park on the way home from church again, and I’m so glad we did! There’s currently 2-4inches of snow outside. Spring can come and stay anytime now…seriously.

handprinted wall
I love this photo. Samuel is all chill while his sisters are doing the work.

twisting pretty trees

How was your weekend?
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