Carriage Hill & Debrecenis Barn

Playing catch up from the end of April because I have so many photos to share.
I’m taking them faster than I can upload, edit, and post. I don’t remember this process taking so long back in 2009 when I started this blog. I only had the girls, but I would take pictures of our day and post them almost every single night.

In keeping with our goal to visit as many Metroparks as possible this year, we went back to the familiar Carriage Hill.
We visited in the summer of 2014 when we were in Ohio for a month, and last year.

Walking on stilts is the first thing they’ve wanted to do the last two times we visited.
The kids call them walking sticks.


Then it was on to playing checkers for a bit.

checkers Samuel.Kiah.Checkers

We went for a ride around the settlement and got the chance to pet the horses and learn more about them afterward.

I think Kiah would really enjoy their summer horse camp, but I can’t afford it this year. She has said on numerous occasions that horses are her 2nd favorite animals….cats are her first.

Can’t remember what was so funny when I took this photo, but I absolutely love it!


Had to stop and see the lambs and sheep.

lambsandsheep mamaandbabe baby lamb kidsandsheep

A lesson in blacksmithing now and the 1800’s.
He explained the process for the doorstops he was making from beginning to end.

doorstops blacksmithing how to make a doorstop farmtools fullofwonder

She rang the dinner bell and then we headed home.


We attended a birthday party at Debrecenis Barn the weekend after.
I’m still amazed at all there is to do and see in Ohio, and almost every place we’ve been in less than 30mins or less from us.


playatyourownrisk beautifulview wandering

Zip line fun!

waterreflection ziplinefun redbarn

This place was so pretty and peaceful.

rusticbell treesandsunset
Samuel was super excited to go fishing for the first time. I called his allergist beforehand to ask if it was ok because we’ve always avoided all fish no matter what, but his test was only positive for shellfish.
He said it was ok but he could possibly break out in hives on his hands from handling the fish and I didn’t want that to happen so I wouldn’t let him touch the fish, but he still enojyed himself.

He’s getting older and there are all these outdoorsy and sporty things he wants to learn about and do.
The majority of them are not necessarily my thing, but I’ll learn with and for him.
A couple of the guys helped him since I know nothing about fishing.

He caught one and so did Ava.
He kept saying “I’m so excited I got to go real fishing instead of pretend fishing”

his first time fishing Samuelfishing