Five Activities For Sensory Seekers

Do you have a sensory seeking child? If so,  they probably enjoy getting really messy. I’ve had parents ask how I can stand to let my kids play in the mud and get so dirty. I don’t want to get down and dirty like that, but my kids absolutely love it and it washes off with soap […]

Virginia Beach American Indian Pow Wow

            I really love living in Virginia. There’s always something going on and plenty of those activities are inexpensive or free. About two weeks ago I went to the YMCA to get a membership and passed Mt Trashmore, one of our favorite parks. We couldn’t help but notice the crowd […]

Nauticus Museum. Girl Scouts. Birthday Party Prep.

Let’s see….we’ve been to the Nauticus Museum twice in one week. They really like that there’s a museum so close to the water, and that they can go on a real ship. Inside is a mini aquarium, a little shark pool, and a horseshoe crab hang out. You can step outside to look through the […]

Portsmouth Children’s Museum

Can you believe we’ve been here for three years, and last week was our first time visiting the museum? I’m glad we were able to visit before this sickness swept through the house. It was well worth the wait! We enjoyed it just as much as the kids did. We were all fascinated with the […]