Container Garden Beginnings

I can’t believe we’ve started our container garden this early. I’m usually tardy to the party around May or so. Last Saturday I decided to go on and start some seeds since the weather was so nice, and the kids were already outside playing. I finished cleaning up around the apartment and headed out with […]

How Our Container Garden Grows

  I think we’re going to have an amazing container garden this year.  We have more plants and flowers than veggies now, but we’ll get around to the veggies soon. These photos are from about 5 days ago and I’m amazed at how fast plants grow once they sprout. Gardening with my kids has been fun….I love […]

taking it all in

Let’s see…. Thank you all so much for your supportive and encouraging comments on my last post. Also for your phone calls and emails. I appreciate every single one. I tried really hard not to worry too much this weekend…but instead focus on the beautiful weather. Being grateful for what I do have…. and really […]