About Last Week…

The weather has been gorgeous over the last several days. I love walking into the living room/kitchen area on sunny days because the light and shadows are so pretty around 7-8am. Sometimes one of the kids might be up, usually Nakiah or Samuel, and other times I’m the only one up. It’s still pretty quiet […]

Spring Flowers

I’ve been taking pictures of everything with my boyfriend lately. Besides my kids, I really like photographing flowers, and since spring is sorta here you can expect to see flowers and other greenery on the blog more often. All of these are from around the house. *this post contains affiliate links* About my boyfriend….he is […]


Like my new boyfriend? He’s pretty amazing but he doesn’t have name yet, and I’m still figuring out how to use him. It’s only been a week but we’re getting along very well. Kiah has been asking me to take pictures of her all week, so I have. I’ve been taking pictures of everything! This […]

Our Newport Aquarium Adventure

Last Friday we took a trip to the Newport Aquarium. They were having Family Days where you buy one adult ticket and two kids get in free. I only had to buy one child ticket and I’m all about deals like that! I planned this trip at the beginning of February but didn’t tell them […]

A week of slow

I started the week off watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey and working on my cowl. Finally found the mustard yellow I’ve been wanting for months, and I love it! This is Big Twist Chunky wool blend from Joann Fabric, and I see it’s still on sale….may have to go grab several more skeins. I […]

The Last Twelve Days

Anyone else still having trouble settling into this new year? Seems like we’ve been going from one appointment to another for the last two weeks, and we’re just getting started. There’s the dentist, the allergist, the pulmonologist, and I’m getting ready to add the optometrist. I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever, […]