John Bryan State Park: First Hike of 2017

I wanted to make sure our first hike of 2017 was memorable, so we drove 45min to John Bryan State Park and it was soooooo worth it. It was a new trail and my kids are used to being able to run ahead of me and explore, but then we heard water and people that […]

Minus One

Ava started school last week. She’s been excited and nervous, but enjoying the experience so far. Love that she asks me to walk her to class every day. The pickup line can be a long wait, but if I arrive 10-15mins before school lets out then we only wait about the same amount of time […]

31 Days of Loving The Ordinary

This summer is flying by a little too fast. I spent the day going between playing with the kids and de-cluttering. My intention was to take them to a splash pad later in the afternoon, well the afternoon turned to evening and we were still in the house. Ava and Samuel have been arguing since […]

Single Mom-Homeschooling-Daily Life Tool Kit

This month started out so strong. Everything seemed to be going according to plan and then Murphy’s Law happened…. of course it did. We’re in the middle of the month and my to do list is nowhere near completed. There are a few things I can push until next month, or the end of summer, […]


For a few years now I’ve been choosing one word for the New Year instead of resolutions. Think it helps me be more intentional throughout the year. Perseverance is my word for 2015. Stronger was my word for 2014, and that word fit this year perfectly. It’s been tough but there were good moments sprinkled in there. […]

Tis The Season

When the temp is near 70 in December it’s the law that we find a way to enjoy the weather. The Northern girl in me wants snow at this time of year because that’s what I grew up with, but I can easily take warmish park days. This has been a really busy month! I […]