Welcome March Sponsors

I am excited to welcome and introduce my sponsors for the month of March. Camilla: Mountain Girl Yarns. wool + color = love I am small indie dyer living in the mountains of Montana. The beautiful nature that surrounds me, ice blue lake, mountains, rushing creeks, wheat fields, forests and farms – the Big Sky all […]

Weighted Creations: Weighted Blankets – Winner Announced!

If you are the parent of a child or children with Sensory Processing Disorder, then what I’m about to say will sound very familiar. All four of us have some sort of Sensory Challenges. Clothes need to be 100% cotton or made from soft, satiny materials. All three of my children are super sensitive to […]

A Bit of Our Weekend – Welcoming May Sponsor and Friends

How was your weekend? Saturday we spent the afternoon grocery shopping. The weather has been a bit on the gloomy and chilly side, so being home bound didn’t feel so bad. I made this amazing baked ziti for dinner on Saturday, recipe to come later this week. Sunday we made our way to church and […]

Welcome The Mahogany Way Sponsor EarJeans

I am excited to welcome Tasha LaRae of EarJeans as a sponsor. Her Jewelry is so beautiful,  spunky, and creative. You can tell that each piece is crafted with love, and that she truly enjoys what she does. Some of my favorites are the Statement Earrings from her 365 collection, this beautiful Pink Rose Quartz […]