Classes and Activites to Nurture Creativity In Your Child

Having children is such a blessing, but getting to know their individual personalities and interests is even better. When you start to see the person shine through the child-like shell, it’s such an incredible feeling. Not only did you create that small human, but you’re doing your best to nurture them, and guide them to […]

October’s Beauty

I’ve fallen in love with October. The transition from summer to fall is a beautiful, seamless dance for mother nature. Seeing the gold, orange, red, and green leaves against the blue sky. The contrast of the dark trees against all those bright colors…it’s beautiful. I can’t get over how quickly the leaves have changed in […]


Samuel woke up Wednesday morning asking how the sun can shine so bright on us if it’s so far away. There are times when my kids ask me questions like that, and I want to make sure I give them the perfect and correct answer.  I explained that the earth was the 3rd planet from […]

A peek at life in the 1880’s

Carriage Hill, a historical farm and metropark. The country store was our first stop since we didn’t get a chance to see it when we were here last summer. The kids ran in different directions to explore. And is this an 1880’s firetruck? The house wasn’t open last June when we visited, so when Kiah […]

What Does Unschooling Look Like?

What exactly is the definition of Unschooling? What does Unschooling look like and how do you do it? For me, it’s like my favorite recipe…..follow my child’s interests, add a lot of free play, plenty of time for exploring, and create a rich learning environment. Simply put, learning through living. Last week was unusually full […]