Caution: Children At Play

Maybe a better title would’ve been the one with all the pictures.
It’s been in the 50’s all week with Monday and Tuesday being THE BEST days.
I figured it was safe to take the kids(mainly Samuel)to play outside for a few hours on Tuesday.
He did great, only needed the inhaler once! It was near 60 and I waited until 2-3pm when it would be the warmest.
I dressed all of us in at least 3-4 layers, stopped at the store for snacks, then headed for the beach.

You think I would sit and relax while the kids played but I followed them around snapping over 100 pictures.
I did not add 100 photos to this post…. but there are at least 20 and I make no apologies.

Brace yourself… cuteness overload with a touch of beautiful and fabulous ahead.

children-at-play enjoying the sunshine

digging in the sand digging in the sand2

I love to sit and watch them when they don’t know I’m watching them.
Wonder what they were thinking about.

pondering_girl big-girl digging oceanandtree the boardwalk

Break for a snack… they’re looking at the begging bird running around.

three kids and a snack break

The next set of photos are the Samuel Edition.
He said the playground was a maze and he was like Pac-Man figuring it out… of course he had to stop to explore and play along the way.

through the looking glass sway fun childhood unplugged adorable boy climbing

Mama, a construction kinda boat!
I love how he calls me mama when he’s really excited about something.

baby boy watching a boat construction boat

Look at that beautiful view.

atlantic ocean love this view

At the risk of sounding sappy…. childhood really is magical.
I love to watch them and try to see the world through their eyes.

Look at them – completely carefree, laughing, being as loud as they wanted or needed to be.

girls playing in the sand what can we see look look look

Soooo glad we were able to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine.
It’s been far too long since we had a day like this.
I think we all missed it and needed it more than we realized.

balancing footprints in the sand

How’s your week going?