Black History. Black Boy Joy and Black Girl Magic

It’s Black History Month, but 28 days isn’t near enough time to talk about all of the amazing men and women, past and present in the Black Community.
Representation matters and in this house, we proudly celebrate Black Boy Joy and Black Girl Magic year round.
Here is a roundup of books, blog posts, and subscription boxes for you and your children. Enjoy!

Blog Posts and articles:

Successful Black Parenting: 28 days of Black History Facts.
What a great idea! A black history fact for every day of the month.
These are great starting points to get and keep the conversation on Black History going.

MommyWeek: 100 Read Aloud Books For Black History Month and Beyond.
Ashley outdid herself with this list. She’s included History, fiction, non-fiction, hair, etc.
I see some we’ve read, and since my children still enjoy being read to, we will work our way through the rest of this awesome list.

Everyday EyeCandy: 50 Black Instagram Influencers you should follow.
“Every now and then, these lists come out of “influencers you need to follow” etc etc. I look at these lists and never see my tribe. Never see my friends. Never see all the creativity that flows through my Instagram feed. Never see the MELANIN RICH BEAUTY OF BLACK WOMEN on these lists.”

Milk and Honee Black Mom Magic. I am totally feeling the title of her post.
A short list of black mom-owned businesses. Go show some love and support.
I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself or maybe a gift to give.

The Mahogany Way: A post from my archives: Books to talk with children about race and Black History.
Find more books in my shop.


My Hair is Poofy by Nikkolas Smith.
My kids really enjoyed this book. I love books that help my children celebrate the uniqueness of their hair.

One of my favorites, The English Schoolhouse. Dr Tamra Pizzoli runs the publishing house from Italy.
My kids have also enjoyed her books and I have a few on my list for future gifts.

From the Hachette Book Group: Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison.
We have not read this one yet, but I have seen nothing but great reviews from people I follow on instagram who have read it.
This one is also on our to read list.


Secret Code: Make Her See What She Can Be.
I’m feeling the concept behind these customizable books.
“This isn’t just a story about technology. It’s about bravery, problem-solving and leadership: values that are ubiquitous to any fulfilling future. Secret Code introduces your girl to the most effective role model she can be inspired by—herself.”

Abrams Books: Ada Twist, Scientist.
“Like her classmates, builder Iggy and inventor Rosie, scientist Ada, a character of color, has a boundless imagination and has always been hopelessly curious.”


Subscription Book Boxes For Black Children:

From I Love Books and I Cannot Lie: The WAM! (Windows and Mirrors) Book Bundle.
Diverse Children’s Books delivered monthly.

The Just Like Me! Box.
Built on the foundation of exposing children of color to literature, characters, authors, and stories that are reflective of them.

The SweetPeas.
“A book subscription service where representation matters.  All the time.”


I would love for you to leave some of your favorite books, websites, blog posts in the comments.