Children In Nature: A Sunday Hike

abugandhisshadow climbing pattyfalls

Our first hike on one of our favorite trails was a great one.
We spent 5hours on the trails Sunday!
I wouldn’t normally attempt this after church, but the weather was perfect and I knew we would be busy running errands Monday, and the forecast calls for rain over the next few days, and we have appointments, and it goes on and on for the rest of this week.

There are so many tiny flowers along the trail….I have no idea what any of them are but they’re pretty.

prettypurpleflowers fuzzy bokeh

Ava was the only one who didn’t want to go to what she calls ‘the walking park’ she wanted to visit the park with the swings, but we had already been to two different parks with swings.
She knew she was out voted, but after I suggested she start a nature journal from our hikes she was excited to go. She grabbed her Frozen lunchbox and filled it with color pencils, crayons, markers, and paper.

We hung out in this spot for about an hour or so. The kids went back and forth between the falls, this spot on the rocks, and the bench(not pictured)to our right.
I sat where Samuel and Ava are in this first picture and did some thinking when I wasn’t busy snapping away.

nature drawing curious rest and explore

We were supposed to turn around and go back the way we came since we had already been out for 2hrs. I suggested my girls wear more comfortable shoes, but they insisted on ballet flats. I don’t know how they walked this trail and played in those shoes for 5hrs.

Ava wanted to walk to the other water fall before heading home.
She got the other two to agree, so off we went.

almost there

We heard a woodpecker, saw some frogs and butterflies. Talked about poison ivy, the seasons, and how different the trail looked from when we were there last fall.

I enjoy taking them to the traditional parks, but there’s something about being on these trails… no playground equipment, just us and nature. It’s quiet and soothing, and I love watching them explore and listening to their conversations while we walk. They’re so curious and ask me a ton of questions.

Samuel carried around sticks of various sizes pretending they were guns, cameras, trucks, telescopes, and fishing poles.


One last rest before we reach the second waterfall.

drawing i heart u

tiny yellow flowers

sisters siblings in nature nature journaling drawinghisfamily

We spent another hour or more in their favorite spot.
They said “I wish this was our backyard!”

i wish this was our backyard
testing the water creek path race to the top what took you so long

I missed our turn to continue on our current trail, and we were all ready to go home so I kept walking when I saw this open field but Nakiah spotted it and wanted to check out the beautiful place, so we did.

Race ya back to mom!

raceyoutomom hanging out all smiles

The other two went off to play while this one decided it was time for more nature drawings.
I don’t blame her…I mean look at this place!

lovely light

I wish…

wishes everywhere make a wish

This trail took us to the park and they went their separate ways.

nice view sunset and silhouette sunandgirl

Back on the trail that would take us to our car after a long but amazing day.