Christmas Time

Only three sleeps until Christmas and I’m still not ready but I do plan to have everything done by the 24th.

I don’t know if you can make him out but I had to snap a pic of the little space I’m left to sleep with when Samuel gets in my bed. I was to the right of that green pillow with maybe two inches of space left.
Why do I get kicked, slapped, and pushed to the edge of my bed, but when he actually sleeps through the night in his, he stays in basically the same spot?

After weeks of play practice, programs, and Christmas dinners, we’ve been hanging out at home a lot.
Wish I could say I’ve been doing some deep cleaning and decluttering, but lately, I’ve opted for relaxing.
We did go see Christmas lights earlier this week, and I need to wrap presents after the kids are in bed tonight and pick up stocking stuffers in the next two days.
I think we’ll make sun butter puppy chow and watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve.
Came across this post on Simple Merry Making from 2013! I need to remember to make the pinecones for next year.

I will see you after December 25th, Merry Christmas!