Classes and Activites to Nurture Creativity In Your Child

Having children is such a blessing, but getting to know their individual personalities and interests is even better. When you start to see the person shine through the child-like shell, it’s such an incredible feeling. Not only did you create that small human, but you’re doing your best to nurture them, and guide them to becoming the very best version of themselves. When you’re unschooling, you always want to let who they really are, not who we expect them to be to shine through. And when the personality makes itself clear, you want to do what you can to encourage it. So when your child is clearly very creative, how can you help to encourage that?


You don’t have to be the most creative Mom yourself to encourage creativity in your kid. You just have to try different things with them, to see which ideas stick with them the most. One of the most diverse creative areas you can try out is crafting. There are so many different crafts to try out, from knitting, embroidery, DIY, gluing, that it can be an exciting experience for your entire family.


There are also physical expressions that your child might be interested in exploring. Dance class might not be for everyone, but if your child really does enjoy dancing, it could be a great option to explore. With ballet and contemporary and even hip hop, there are lots of types to try out to see if it’s a creative expression that your child might love.


Sometimes, your child’s creativity makes itself known through writing. When you notice that your child always has their head in a book, loves to write, and even make up stories, you may start to see that they are showing an interesting in storytelling. If that’s the case, you may want to look into different writing workshops that are often held over the summer. Your local library may also put on different events when it comes to reading and writing, so it could be worth reaching out to them to find out.


If your child loves to show their artistic expression with art, you may want to focus on a lot of artistic activities with them. You can often find inspiration for that from sites like TinyFry, as well as look into options that local causes may promote. If you have a gallery or museum in your town, you could look into the different classes, events, or exhibitions they put on to see if any could be interesting for your child’s artistic development. 


When your kid expresses an interest in singing, you can often feel stumped if it’s not something you’ve ever cared for. But there are different ways that you can teach children to sing and encourage them to explore their passion. You do also have the option of enrolling them in local classes and lessons with singing and music experts too. Maybe they would be happy to try their church or school choir as well.

How do you nurture creativity in your child(ren)?