Conscious Friday. A Human Becoming.

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

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:: A Human Becoming ::

In a product-oriented culture, there’s a tendency to
“productize” and “package” people. We often forget
that a human being is a living process — a “human

Children are especially dynamic — often visibly
different from one day to the next — and no two
children develop precisely the same way. This can be a
challenge for us when we’ve been conditioned to “need”
the predictability (read: controllability) of static

Many parent-child struggles can be avoided simply by
allowing children to be different than they were the
previous day, or even the previous minute! A toddler
may “hate” peas at the beginning of the meal and
“love” them by the end of the meal, provided the
parent doesn’t pronounce the child a pea-hater
in the interim.

Today, be mindful of the way you talk about your
child. Note that *labels* tend to productize. You can
avoid labels by focusing on the process. For example,
“he’s a fussy eater” becomes “he’s figuring out his

Especially avoid “always” and “never” statements
like “she *never* brushes her teeth willingly.”
Someday she will. 🙂

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