Conscious Friday. Unschoolers & Spanking.

Here are a list of articles on Spanking from Sandra Dodd’s site. Stories of families who did and stopped, a story of a woman who was spanked, but her parents begged her not to. Help to stop spanking, Overcome pressure to spank.

Unschoolers and Spanking

My husband and I were both spanked growing up. My husband didn’t want to spank, but I thought it was the way to go. We ended up trying it a few times when Nakiah was a little over 2. We didn’t like it. It didn’t feel right. We read more and more about spanking and gentle discipline from the time she was 2.5yrs old until now. During that time we quit spanking and we’ve never looked back.

It never made since to us. How can you explain to a child that we don’t hit, but we’re hitting him/her?
Do you realize babies as young as 8 months old are being smacked on the hand?

We believe there are other forms of discipline. It takes more work and thought on our part, but we are their parents. Aren’t our children worth that extra work and thought?

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