Container Garden Beginnings

pots and soil tinyhands-tinyseeds planting seeds gardening containers digging in the dirt

I can’t believe we’ve started our container garden this early.
I’m usually tardy to the party around May or so.

Last Saturday I decided to go on and start some seeds since the weather was so nice, and the kids were already outside playing. I finished cleaning up around the apartment and headed out with a bag of seeds my friend gave me last year.
If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I’m not the greatest at gardening.

I’ll keep attempting to grow something because we have fun planting our seeds, and watching them grow. My problem comes in keeping whatever grows alive.

This year we planted rainbow swiss chard and sunflowers in the big pots, and zinnia, marigolds, cat grass for Mitten-Sparkles, sweet basil and parsley in the smaller pots.
I started a Container Gardening Board on Pinterest in hopes that this will be the year we actually have something to harvest. Think we’ll do peppers and possibly some tomatoes on the next warm day, but I’m thinking of buying tomato plants from the store. I would love to have some lavender as well.

We need some house plants, so I’m going to read up a bit more on the ones I think may be suitable for us. I’m going to recycle some cans and jars for herbs. I want to put some shelving up in the kitchen and have a little garden area in there. I’m thinking chalkboard paint, labels, and some colorful containers from the dollar store, or Targets dollar bin section.

My main goal this year is to have fun with all of it. .
Do you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions for container gardening?