Days Like This

The kids asked to play at this particular park. We saw it on our way out during our last visit.
I was happy to make the drive out there…the weather was gorgeous and so was the view. I just heard the leaves have changed even more in the last two weeks…we’ll probably head back one day this week.
Thinking we’ll also attempt Hills and Dales. I know the leaves have changed since we were there last.

How cool is this giant tree?


Samuel looks like the sunlight dropped him in that exact spot.
Reminds me of that scene in the Lorax where he pops right out of the tree.


For some reason there were more and bigger flying bugs this time, ew.
Maybe it was the area we were in or because of the weather, or the oils in my hair. I don’t really care. All I know is they kept swarming me when I would sit in one place for too long, and you know I don’t do bugs. As long as I kept moving they seemed to stay away. It was easy to keep moving…the kids were all over the place and I was trying to stay out of their view while snapping pictures.



I’ve really enjoyed visiting these Metroparks with them. It’s fun to watch them run around and explore.

asingleleaf boyinthewoods treebranchteepee


I’m working on getting back into the habit of getting in the pictures with my kids.
We all know I was there, but I’m always the one behind the camera. I think it will be nice for us to look back on our memories and see that I was a part of our adventures. I said I would never get one, but it may be time to invest in a selfie stick.

Cannot get over how big Kiah is getting. She’ll be eleven in a couple of months! She’s turning into quite the young lady. She’s so smart and beautiful, and she’s really developing her sense of style. I love it.


Ava took this one of me and Samuel. She’s becoming quite the little photographer. Even though I’m not a professional I’ve been sharing tips I’ve learned over the last few years with her.

Samuel’s face cracks me up every time I look at this picture. He’s a trip.


Me and Avalicious. She loves the camera, being in front of it and behind it. She’s always ready to strike a pose.

Along with a water view, I also want a tree like this in my backyard. I’ll need a house on a nice piece of land, so the tree will be in the middle of the backyard, equal distance to the house and water. That way I can sit on either side and look at all the pretty things. I could also sip my coffee, knit, and do some serious thinking.
Oh, and the kids can play on it.

exploretheoutdoors conversationbythetree
Another mom was nice enough to take this family photo for us.
I promised Kiah she could play for 15 extra minutes before we left. She agreed to be in the picture but that was it.


Into the woods one last time…


And one last shot of this view before driving off.


I love days like this.