• Darcel

      Thanks Juliana, I don’t always see myself as a very good mother. Doing the best I can with what I know and what I’ve got to work with.

  1. such a powerful post. as parents, we can sometimes be too focused on our kids fitting into a mold or meeting a standard and that comes from a place of not wanting your child to be left behind. so it takes a strong mama to buck the system and school her babies they way she knows is right

    • Darcel

      Exactly, no parent wants their child left behind. When we’re able to meet them where they are they won’t be left behind. For me doing that is a daily and moment by moment choice. Some days and moments I do great, other times I worry. I guess that’s part of being a mother. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well done for having the courage to take your child out of school. In my opinion, schools don’t do enough for talented, Dyslexic kids. Dyslexia doesn;t mean inferior, it simply means different! I think the most important thing to distill in a child who has a learning DIFFERENCE is self-belief and confidence. Schools encourage children to mould themselves to a standard form, way of working and learning.I think if a kid has Dyslexia, he or she needs to be encouraged to let their Dyslexic TALENTS shine through, not be surpressed!

    I was diagnosed with Dyselxia only a year ago (age 22). I don’t have problems with letters, and I was so good at problem-solving that it seems I was a mastermind at hiding my different way of thinking and coping! But deep down I always knew that I thought differently- was a bit slower at conventional things and like your daughter, couldn’t compute simple facts. However, having recently realised the cause of many of my weaknesses, it has given me a new strength and confidence to be utterly myself, and to be proud of and use the strengths that come along with my Dyslexia. I wish someone had told me earlier that it was OK to think and learn differently. :)

  3. Liz

    I am a mom of 4 wonderful kids. My 10 year old son is Dyslexic, and I am thinking about pulling him out of school because he is shutting down, and hates learning. Any advice?

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  5. Monica Issitt

    I would love to have an email chat about this! My son, 8, has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and some executive function issues. We are unschoolers but he goes to therapy twice a week. We still have a long row to hoe, and it is difficult for me to reconcile the two these days. He abhores therapy and I quite frankly resent the hell out of it most days, even though this is something I feel he needs. It is the one area where the Parent Decision is not up for discussion. It is not a comfortable dichotomy. Any input or suggestions or empathy? :-)

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