Easter 2014



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All week long the kids were asking if it was time to wear their Easter clothes. Then they started counting down the days…and I don’t blame them! I was excited to wear my new dress. I purchased mine and the girls outfits at the beginning of April, but didn’t find one for Samuel until the weekend. I remember Easter being warm and sunny as a child – it was cloudy, cool, and windy yesterday. We went to at least 5-6 stores looking for shrugs to wear over our outfits, and each of ours was found in a different store. The good thing is that they can be worn with other outfits.

The kids were so excited that they didn’t make a fuss when I asked if I could get their pictures before we left for church.

Church was great and we didn’t have the traditional Easter egg hunt afterward, but the kids were divided into three age groups and had the same size bags to collect eggs.

We headed over to my parents after church and they ooed and ahhed over the kids in their outfits, we gave them their Easter baskets, and I cooked fried chicken/tilapia, baked potatoes, dinner rolls, and green beans. It was soooo good! I also had the pleasure of watching Man of Steel.

It was a pretty fabulous day…how was your Easter?