Falling Into Winter


I was going to title this post Easing Into Winter but easing seems more graceful and I have not been accepting this new season with grace at all. I’ve been complaining and worrying about it way too much.
I do realize that we could be buried under snow instead of the 50-60 degree temps we’ve enjoyed the last week or so.

A quick recap of the last 6-8 weeks…

I am now the mother of a teenage daughter! She’s super excited about it, and I’m excited for her but also in disbelief.
We had a birthday party this past weekend and I loved watching her have fun with her friends.
I feel like a whole new world is about to open up for both of us and I am so not prepared! But I think we’ll have fun.

We checked out the Get Qurious  STEM/STEAM box. It’s pretty cool. The masks were an immediate favorite and once they were finished playing along with the app, we played with the cards to build a story for a while. That is still one of our favorites because it allows for endless imaginative play. You know how kids are, they like to do their own thing, so mine have also written stories to go along with the cards that came in the box.

IMG_7529 IMG_7531 (2) IMG_7533

We walked a few trails, saw several deer, and came home with a few items from the trail to look at under the microscope. We all agreed that the snakeskin was the coolest. Speaking of microscopes, we need a new one so if you have any suggestions, let me know.

IMG_5978 IMG_5970 (1) IMG_5998

IMG_7740 IMG_7770 (2)

You know I always make time for coffee…

We all ended up with a virus right after Halloween.
As soon as one started feeling better than another would get sick, and that went on for about a month.
Then we had Dr’s appointments, allergy shots, co-op, church, and the other thousands of usual daily life tasks.

We had a low-key Thanksgiving. Stayed home and in our pj’s all day, watched some Netflix and Hulu. It was perfect.  I made a somewhat non-traditional meal. Hot wings, regular wings, green beans, mac and cheese. I used Amy’s dairy free mac n cheese for Samuel – it’s one of his favorite foods.
The girls had cinnamon rolls for dessert and I found dairy free donuts at Kroger for Samuel. So glad he can have baked egg now because he loves these!

We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving and started our Advent ornament books on the 1st.


I haven’t been feeling all that inspired or creative lately, so I started journaling again after reading Living Over Existing and I’m currently reading through it again. I’ve known for a while now that overcoming fear is one of my biggest obstacles and try to remind myself that small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all.


Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday, winter isn’t my favorite season and this time of year can be extremely stressful.
I almost cried the other day when I pulled up our calendar for this month. We had a four day stretch of no sunlight and that about did me in.
After having a good freak out or three (crying, whining, venting to my friends) I decided it was best if I focus on what we do have and what I can control.

Here’s to letting go of the rest, creating our winter rhythm and enjoying the moments as they come.

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