Was February hectic for anyone else? Almost two weeks straight of being on the go all.day.long.
We won’t be slowing down until possibly the middle of next week.
I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying that because I feel like a zombie on autopilot.
I don’t remember what day I hit that wall, but caffeine is doing very little for me lately. I need sleep!

Samuel asked about the space museum one day so we mad an impromptu trip to the
Air Force Museum.
We spent quite a bit of time at the Holocaust exhibit. It has such a heavy feel to it but they had so many questions, so we stayed, I read all the text to them throughout the exhibit and then we discussed.
Their questions combined with a look of confusion and disbelief on their little faces was heartbreaking.

This area is a new addition and I enjoyed it because the kids could explore while I rested my feet.
They are science and math games, my kids didn’t want to leave because they were having so much fun playing.
If you want to try the simulations for free, PhET is the name of the website.
You can also download the app on apple and google.

It took us two plus hours to get to his favorite part of the museum – the space center.
You know this boy loves everything space related and he was in heaven… Satellites, rockets, missiles, astronaut food, etc.
He’s already asking when we can go back. It’s free, so possibly soon.

On to the next event: Techfest 2018. It was pretty cool. This was our first year going and I plan to attend next year as well. Ava wasn’t with us for this one. She was at a birthday party/sleepover. It ended up working out perfectly because I had something fun for the other two while she was away.

It was a little overwhelming at first…very crowded and so much to see and do.
So much fun! I made some new contacts and found a few new activities for the kids.

3D printed Castle.


This display was sponsored by The Mars Society. I have more pictures and videos but they won’t upload for some reason. eRockets was the first display we stopped at and you know Samuel was all about it. Last Tuesday I took him in to make his first rocket with the help of the staff. We were supposed to launch last weekend but it rained.
Maybe this weekend.

A cow heart. Nakiah was fascinated. She enjoys learning about anatomy. They had microscopes nearby with various bugs and few types of starfish on the table for us to check out.

We’ve had several specialists appointments back to back for all three kids. In between all of that, we had A LOT of rain mixed with breaks of gorgeous weather, daily life, coffee runs(love my coffee) church, homeschool co-op, Girl Scouts, etc.
You know how life can get.

To the library and then back to the park earlier this week. 60 and sunny means we sat in the sun like cats.

Soaking up the last bit of light before making a late dinner.

There’s a little of what we’ve been to the last couple of weeks.

Are you following me on Instagram? I’ve been sharing a more real and raw behind the scenes of our daily life via Instagram stories with pictures and videos. I’ve also started going live on Friday’s.
I might be a little addicted, but it’s so much fun! I enjoy the interaction.