Feeling Rejuvenated

Spring is right around the corner…can you feel it? I’m soooooo ready.
More sunshine and warmth, more driving with the windows down, more feeling the breeze blow through the house because it’s beautiful outside, the heat is off and the windows are wide open.
Gimme more of that RIGHT. NOW.

Super excited about the weather we had over the weekend!
It’s expected to continue for the rest of this week *fingers crossed*

Earlier in the week I had been looking for some free/inexpensive activities for us to do, and I saw the MOCA has a free family fest once a month.
After the kids woke up I told them about the museum but Ava was the only one excited about going.
Kiah and Samuel wanted to play at a park.
Thanks to our extra hour of daylight we were able to do both.

We stopped for lunch before heading for the museum.
It’s been over two years since we’ve been to the Museum of Contemporary Art.
We arrived about  15mins early, so we took a stroll through the museum to check out the art work, and by this time Samuel and Kiah were happy to be there. The current exhibits are fascinating.

The kids made buttons and drew pictures using stencils.

buttonmakingMOCA designingMOCA stencilingMOCA

After hanging out for about an hour we were all ready for the park. Since the museum is so close to the boardwalk it was quick and easy to drive over to the one of the parks at the beach.

Seems like winter has been hanging around for at least 6 months.
I’m so glad we’ve had some spring-like days during these last two weeks.
Maybe it’s because it was Sunday, or maybe because the warm weather is sticking around for a few more days, but the warm weather today felt different… like the kickoff to spring.



I had been feeling annoyed because only a few weeks ago I was going full steam and I can’t pin point what it was that knocked me off my game. I was upset for slowing down but I needed to.
I had been thrown off course…some of it was my own doing and the rest came from outside circumstances.

Slowing down doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
For some reason I equate slowing down with being inactive and that’s not true at all.
I’m still working and mothering, but I’m able to be more intentional and balanced.

If we’re always going full force then we could end up missing moments and opportunities.

theladybug chasingseagulls

One step forward and two steps back. Some days it has me wanting to swing my fists and fight the air.

I am a living example of my word for the year.
Three months into 2015 and I find myself getting well acquainted with what it means to Persevere.
I don’t necessarily like it but I’m becoming stronger for it.

Experiencing a lot of personal growth lately.
I am really learning to love myself. I’m embracing me…flaws and all.
Not worrying and waiting for a certain moment to be happy.
If I keep that up, I’ll wake up one day and life will have passed me by.
Caring less and less about what people say or think about me. It feels good!


Look at them… not a care in the world. They ran and laughed and I sat back, toes in the sand, watching and documenting.

sandplay siblingsatplay

wideopenspace purejoy

I am feeling rejuvenated after our little adventure this weekend!
Soaking up all that vitamin D for hours – it was exactly what we all needed.


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