Gardening: Round 2



I’m sure we’re late in the season for planting seeds for most things but I don’t care. I brought home two bags of seeds from my friend Dee, and I didn’t even put a dent in her 25lb bag O seeds. We were there to go plant shopping, so off we went with the kids to Stoney’s Produce. They have chickens, goats, and row after row of herbs, flowers, plants, local honey, fresh organic eggs, and veggies. I still can’t believe that cute little place is in the middle of the city. I’ve lived here for four years and have yet to learn of all the local places to shop around here.

Each one of my kids picked what they wanted to bring home….I made sure they were resilient. Kiah and Samuel picked the Celosia, Ava’s is the Aster, and I have the big pink Caladium aka Elephant Ears. First I wanted them because they were pink and then I saw that they were easy to care for. My kind of plant! I want more flowers, plants, and herbs over veggies this year. Thinking of adding some pink cactus just because they’re so cool looking.

Soooooo…. I’m going to give this gardening thing another go. We had to leave our old place before it was time to harvest our veggies. Hopefully we are able to grow some from seeds and enjoy them this year. I started a container garden board on Pinterest to gather ideas for ours.  My dad wants lots of tomatoes and bell peppers…I’m going to do some tomatoes from seeds – because it’s fun and we’ll buy several tomato plants. We’re also doing bell peppers, wheat grass, chives, rainbow swiss chard, and sunflowers from seeds. I have a ton more that I want to plant but we’re going to start with those, and transplant the ones we picked up from Stoney’s.

Fingers crossed for us! What’s in your garden?