It’s the day before Thanksgiving and most people are getting ready to spend a few days with family. I wanted to put this post up because an old post from this time last year  came up in Timehop the other day, and it reminded me of how far we’ve come in a year.

Aside from the usual stuff like clothing, health, food, shelter, friends and family, etc…
I have so much to be thankful for, and feel like what I’m about to share will barely scratch the surface.

I’m grateful for….

Being able to get out and enjoy the last of the warm days we’ve had over the last month.

girlinatree overlooking
Finding beauty in the little things.

tinycrabapples hopskipjump pondofducks

The love my kids have for each other…even though some days they fight like crazy.

porchswing treetoweroverlook downthetreetower BROTHERANDSISTER

Too many absolutely gorgeous sunsets to count.

IMG_5460 22F8C468-1B81-4A4F-A89A-3AF7E119CC60 D7738186-DA44-40A1-85A5-01813F728CA4

Friends who put together a special allergen-free table for Samuel at their kid’s birthday party.


Catching moments like this when things get crazy and we’re all dealing with a bit of cabin fever.

E26555E2-B0C4-4885-8301-7693616D0DC5 IMG_5478 D327661A-F00D-4CF9-88C2-94D21B932DC8

Cats who think they run things around here.

IMG_5690 7293C1DF-521A-4EC2-8C86-161D8424F297

For the rare moments when I’m able to leave the house feeling 100% put together.

Viewing and capturing the moon several times this year.


I’m getting pretty good at taking photos of the moon through the telescope without a stand.

IMG_5446 IMG_5442

Knitting and coffee in the mornings before things get too chaotic.


Second gigantic cups of coffee after 10am AND all three kids were still asleep.

Moments and memories…

BF1FC8C4-218C-4615-A052-B8FE578A468E IMG_5314 IMG_5687
I’ll never get tired of voicing how happy I am to be back home. Sometimes it feels like I never left.

I’ve always felt I express myself better in writing vs speaking. Which is kinda weird because I talk A LOT in person. I’m grateful for the ability to share pieces of myself in this space, and that you take the time to read what I share.

There’s my short gratitude list. I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!