1. There’s nothing like the outdoors for kids. We spend lots of time at the beach or simply in the back yard. There is a small local zoo we enjoy too. I love that purple cactus. I hope your pink one survives!
    PS – we think that is a little lamb in the picture on my blog. After we took the picture we went to ask her for sure but she was swamped by people trying to see her!
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  2. i love cactus and succulents… it looks like you have a great collection. I was late getting into my hiking phase…but now i love it…but I too love the beach, public gardens and farmers market !!! Have a great week

    • Darcel

      The arboretum is as close to a hiking trail that I’ve come. If I could live in a warmer climate, like the Caribbean, that would be heaven to me.
      Someone on Facebook mentioned the Botanical Gardens, and it’s been years since we’ve been. Adding that to my list of places to visit.

  3. You know me, I love the woods, and being out in nature. It feeds my soul. We hike, search for food, play in the creek, you name it we enjoy it.

    Love those cacti :)
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    • Darcel

      When I was a kid we would play in the creek every summer at the annual church picnic. Those were good times! We have rivers, lakes, ponds, and beaches around here. I’m sure there are creeks in neighborhoods surrounded by woods, but we don’t live near any of them.

  4. I love being in the woods and kind of live in them where our house is now. I grew up in a city and my dad would take us out to the country to experience it. I love that you have the beach near you, I love the beach. I think being outside, city or country, has benefits!!
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  5. I really enjoyed the pictures of the walking/bike trail! I can just imagine how lovely it would be to go for a walk there. I grew up walking and playing in the woods myself but unfortunately we don’t have any of that near where we live now. We do live close to some water where we go from time to time. At times, i really crave to go there, be close to the water, the serenity of it gives me some much needed energy and kids love it of course.
    p.s. i love your blog, keep up the good work!
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    • Darcel

      Hi Mama J,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I am with you 100% on being near the water. I prefer the beach, but lakes and pools are also nice for calming.

  6. Cacti. :)

    As always, enjoyed my visit with you and your humor makes me smile. I remember trying to sync up when pumping on the swing set as a kid. Such fun memories! I tried riding the swings recently while at a park with Charlotte, but it made me dizzy, so I just kept it low and slow. Oh my. Before I sign off, I have to ask what type of trees those are on the second park pic with the paved path and what looks like a gazebo? They are interesting looking!
    xo Lisa
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    • Darcel

      Hi Lisa!

      I’m not sure what kind of trees those are, but they are part of what makes the park.
      They’re good for playing hide and seek.

    • Darcel

      Thanks Latonya :)

      You’ll have to update us on your first camping trip. I refuse to sleep in a tent, but might be persuaded to try a cabin in the mountains.

  7. Darcel, I’ve nominated you for a blog award: http://happyindolevalley.blogspot.com/2015/05/seven-things-ten-people-and-award.html
    Such a pleasure getting to know you here in blogland. :)
    Oh, and if we lived close by, I would invite you to bring your kids camping with us…we’re going twice this summer! Once to the mountains and once to the Oregon coast. Are there any campgrounds near you that have yurts or cabins? They are common here. We have a huge tent, but we have stayed in a cabin once or twice when the weather has been poor.
    Have a great weekend!
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