The Great Outdoors

I never have been a hike in the woods or walk the mountain trail kinda girl. I don’t fish or camp and have a major bug phobia, but I do enjoy hanging out at the park, the beach, visiting garden centers, farmers markets, and relaxing on our back patio.

I love this photo…the way Samuel is looking at his sisters while they swing.
Had a childhood friend who had a swing-set in her backyard and we used to say we were going the same age whenever we synced up.

at the park


Of course I’m sharing beach photos….it is one of our favorite places.
I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or the kids.

bestview strawinabucket

A stop at the garden center to pick out new pots for the kids succulents.
They picked out their own pot and then we walked around to see what kind of interesting flowers and plants we could find.
These rainbow cacti won the award for most interesting.

I couldn’t remember if the plural was cacti or cactus, so I looked it up… Cacti is the Latin plural but is used in the English language, and Cactuses is actually the English plural. Saying and typing Rainbow Cacti makes me feel fancy and I think it looks better, so Cacti it is.


I picked the only one with pink in it and if it survives we’ll go back and the kids can pick out their own rainbow cactus.
I’m loving the idea of a cactus garden. Did you know #cactusgarden is a hashtag on instagram?
There’s some eye candy for ya!

waterthesucculents succulentsinarow

Another day another park.

This one has a nice walking/bike trail, and the scenery is gorgeous once the trees and flowers start to bloom.

pathoftrees pinkandredflowers bikepath

We were supposed to take a trip to one of the local arboretums this weekend but it rained….perfect timing because we needed the past two days to relax after the full week we had.

Warmth and sunshine always leave me feeling good. I love to watch the kids play sometimes alone and other times with friends and I usually feel more relaxed after spending a fair amount of time outdoors.

How do you enjoy the great outdoors?

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