Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show


The Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show was in town over the weekend.
Samuel was super excited about going but the girls were a little hesitant, but they perked up once we walked through the doors.

These lights and signs were on sale. Wouldn’t they look amazing in train lovers room or a game room?!

train signs bigsis

I think we were all impressed by the displays. So much attention to detail! Every station had various setups and neighborhoods surrounding them. On the outside of some of the tables were buttons for the kids to push….they made lights flash, train whistles blow, cars and trucks move, and people wash windows.

neighborhood littletown inawe

Some of the train cars had people in them and the kids thought that was the greatest thing… until we came across the lego train table.

This one was definitely our favorite.
The Lego table featured Emmet with the piece of resistance on his back and Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie.


A farm with cornstalks and a scarecrow.


The cutest little ice cream truck.

lego ice cream

The Krusty Krab and crew.


Woody and RC from Toy Story.


Busy busy streets


Star Wars


We took a break from the trains to explore Magformers.
These are amazing! The building opportunities are limitless. The kids made houses, unicorns, cats, a 3D triangle.
The vendors had been doing shows all weekend and were completely sold out.

magformersplay magformersunicorn

Then it was back to the train displays one last time.

CSXtrain workthetrain

How cute is this tiny working carnival?


trainsandconstruction candytrains

Those were my favorite moments from our outing this weekend.

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