Growing Bacteria and Glowing Germs With Steve Spangler Science

Spangler Science Kit

When I saw Steve Spangler offering bloggers a free science kit to review a few weeks ago I sent the company a message letting them know I was interested.

We received the Invisible Science kit for growing bacteria, glowing germs, and hidden messages.
This kit arrived with everything we needed inside along with a list of at home supplies that were optional.
I like the Top Secret book for parents that explains the how and why behind the experiments. The other book gives great detailed step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the experiments, and links to videos online if you prefer to follow along that way.

We did the growing bacteria experiment first, and as I type this our specimens are sitting in a box on top of the fridge. We’ll check them tomorrow to see what bacteria grew at the 24hr mark.

Each child labeled a petri dish. Kiah went first and used her finger as a swab on the inside to see what kind of bacteria might be growing on her fingers.

Petri dish

Ava swabbed our front doorknob…


Samuel swabbed one of their wii remotes…

Then we talked about which one would have the most bacteria growth and why.
I heard the girls talking about how excited they were to see what germs grew in their dishes in the morning.

Onto something super fun that I knew they would love… Zinc Sulfide aka Glow Powder!

Samuel and Ava dove right in, but Kiah was a little hesitant. Samuel ended up with powder in his hair, all over his sleeves, and down the front of his shirt. Kiah was careful not to get powder anywhere but on her hands.

glow powder

We used the black light so they could see how their hands were glowing.

glow powder germs
Then they washed their hands to see if they clean them as well as they think they do, and we rechecked them with the black light one more time.

Kiah still had trace amounts of powder in the form of tiny dots between her fingers, Samuel had some on his wrists and the lower palms of his hands, and Ava had some on the top of her hands. All three had trace amounts around their nail beds and fingernails.

That led us to talking about how people pass on their germs by not washing their hands at all, or not well enough, and how important it is to wash our hands.
They found this experiment to be the most fascinating, but we still have the hidden messages with invisible ink and glowing germ lotion to do.

This is a subscription my kids would enjoy getting every month because they’re simple, fun, and there’s enough supplies for all of them in one box. We have enough left over to run through our experiments one or two more times!