Halo Havenn: Winner Announced!

Long before I had children, way back when I was young enough to play house, my children were always girls. I would dress them in pretty dresses, skirts and hairbows.
Fast forward 20+ years into the future and I’m the mother of two girls and a boy.
I’m such a girly girl. My favorite color is pink, I love lipgloss, and shirts that sparkle. On occasion I may do my full face with a little makeup…on a daily basis I rarely leave the house without applying mascara and lipgloss.

My girls crack me up because they are all about the pretty dresses, skirts, and hairbows just as I imagined my children would be all those years ago.
I even have one whose favorite color is pink at the moment!

When Liz from Halo Havenn approached me about working together I was happy to say yes.

My name is Liz Leo I am the owner and Creator of Halo Havenn. Halo Havenn is dedicated to creating comfortable handmade headbands for girls of all ages. All of our headbands are called HALOS as we feel every girl should have a halo over their head all the time.

When did you first get into crafting?

I first began crafting when I was a little girl and have continued into my adult life. There is something special about making things that come from the heart.

Do any of your items have a story behind them?
All of my halo’s are named after my friends. Each one has a special story/meaning whether it be the colors or sparkles.

Do you have and social media pages I can use for raffle entries?(Blog, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, so on…)
twitter: @halohavenn
instagram: @halohavenn

my favorite quote: “If your dreams don’t scare you a little they probably aren’t big enough.”

She sent me four Halos for the girls to try. I was surprised by how big they are! When I opened the package the girls squealed and jumped around, excited to try their new halo bows.
They’ve worn them almost every single day for the past two weeks.

photo (43) I like that they can hold Kiah’s locs well. Regular headbands don’t work for her because her hair is so thick. I’m sure the halo bows can be worn with multiple hair styles. The 1inch bows are made with a 25in cord and the 2in bows are made with a 40in cord. Each cord comes with two small square H’s on each side – lightweight and adds a cute touch.

pink ella halo These hair bows are simple enough for every day wear, or can be worn as a fashion accessory to add a nice touch to a dressy outfit.

photo (42)  These are nice size bows and they’re well made. I like the long cord so you can tie it as tight or as loose as you like.
Put your hair in a pony tail and wrap the halo bow around it, or in a bun and use the bow as a cute accent.

2inch gold halo


****Liz is giving a Halo Havenn Bow away to one of my readers. All you need to do is leave a comment to be entered to win. You have until Friday to enter and the winner will be announced Saturday. Please leave your email address(visible to me only) so I can get your mailing address.****

Just for kicks….which Halo Bow is your favorite?

Congratulations, Evon! You’ve won a Halo.