Have A Fabulous Summer Without Spending A Ton of Money

When I was a kid my Summers were spent having sleepovers, bike riding,  playing on the front porch, or at the park with my friends. Everywhere I look I see parents talking about what camp their kid is going to, or  wondering what activities to enroll their kids in. The only lessons I’m looking to get my kids into this summer are swimming lessons. That’s it. Why are summer camps hundreds if not thousands of dollars!? I think that is just ridiculous.

You can have a fabulous summer without spending a ton of money. I have three very active kids and certain activities can get costly, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money and still have fun.
Here’s a list of things we’ve done in summers past and will be doing this summer.

fab summer

The beach.

The pool at the YMCA. If you can’t afford the full price membership ask for the open doors form. You’ll pay based on income.

Join the Rec Center. You can also pay based on your income.

Playing outside at the park, in your yard, at a friend’s house.

Movie nights with Netflix and popcorn.

Regal Cinemas Summer Movies For $1.

Buy a kiddie pool and fill it with sand.

The Library

Festivals. Here in Virginia, I’ve signed up for Festevents. I get emails about every festival that happens near us year round and many of them are free. Also in Virginia is Tidewater Moms.

Macaroni Kid is a National year round newsletter. You subscribe and enter your city and state. They always have a variety of activities to participate in.

Go bike riding. Don’t have a bike?  People on Craigslist sell nice used ones for good prices.

BBQ at a park with friends pot luck style.

Make ice towers with food coloring.

Make popsicles.

Bake cookies, cakes, and brownies.

Cookout on the grill for dinner several times a week.

Visit and shop the farmers markets.

Make lemonade.



Hiking at the sate parks.

Roast marshmallows

Make bubbles

Color outside with sidewalk chalk or sidewalk paint.

Check out my unschooling, gettin crafty, and group summer projects boards on Pinterest.

How do you plan to enjoy summer without spending a ton of money?

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