Here and There

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I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to blog! The only internet I had access to was on my phone but I couldn’t blog from there. I was all over Instagram though.

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to one of the local yarn shops here and picked up about 400 yards of that gorgeous pink Malabrigo.
Why have I waited so long to try this yarn! It’s so buttery soft. I’m knitting the gaptastic cowl with it. Did ya notice the pink knitting needles?

Our little container garden is growing…these pics are a little over a week old. I can’t find my usb cord for my camera to upload the most recent photos I’ve taken. Since I’m such a terrible gardener, I can’t tell you what that herb is in the little pot, but I do know we have sunflowers and rainbow swiss chard. I’m amazed at how well they’re doing from seeds. Say a prayer that I don’t kill them.

My friend has a bird they named Rosie that’s been coming to their house for a while. Over the last few weeks we watched her build a nest, lay eggs, and ten to her babies. The kids got a kick out of it. I’m surprised she lets us get as close as she does.

That’s a short update on what we’ve been up to. I just wanted to come by and apologize for being so silent here and on your blogs.
Now that I have a new laptop I’m back in business!

I have several giveaways from my sponsors that I need to get up this month and I think you’ll enjoy them.
Hope all has been well at your end of the world.

p.s. how do the pictures look here? are they big and overlapping on the screen? I was checking the blog out in the on the laptops at the store and everything was out of sorts.