How Our Container Garden Grows


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cannalily tomato plants caterpillar3 tomatocaterpillar


I think we’re going to have an amazing container garden this year.  We have more plants and flowers than veggies now, but we’ll get around to the veggies soon. These photos are from about 5 days ago and I’m amazed at how fast plants grow once they sprout. Gardening with my kids has been fun….I love hearing them squealing about how their seeds have grown. Ava clipped the dead flowers from her spring mix, Samuel planted wheat grass that has started to sprout(I didn’t cover it with plastic and such like the package said and it’s growing just fine)I keep pushing the seeds down into the soil without completely covering them and the next day there’s more and more grass. Nakiah planted Zinnia’s which have already sprouted with more coming up. We also planted Sweet Pea and Nasturtium. I noticed the sweet pea sprouted this evening after our grocery store trip…my phone was dead so I couldn’t get a picture.

My Elephant Ears are birthing new babies! Look at how they grow curled up and then roll out to the pretty pink and green leaf. My parents Canna Lily came back this year and she’s looking good. Last Thursday we came home from our Unschoolers Park Day with tomato plants from a new friend. Check out the Forest Tent Caterpillars…they’re all over the place out there, and sometimes they find a way inside. I like them now but when moths are flying around my head later in the year I’ll like them much less.

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? I came across this post on the lazy easy way to grow carrots in containers. I can’t wait to try this! We’re also going to plant tomatoes…they’ll taste great in my quesdaillas and salad this summer. Also peppers, herbs, but I’m not sure which ones. Nakiah wants to try broccoli because it’s her favorite vegetable and Ava can’t wait to plant the sunflowers….we need to find several big pots for them. I’m on it! I want to plant sunflowers just as bad as she does.

So that’s how our container garden is growing at the moment. I’ll update again in a couple of weeks.
How is your garden growing? What type of garden do you have?

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