How Snapology Can Help You Get Started With STEAM Learning + Giveaway


I’m sure you’ve heard of the S(cience)T(echnology)E(ngineering)A(rts)M(ath) learning philosophy, right?
If not, now you have! Snapology is a newer company that focuses on creative, hands-on, fun ways to introduce your children to the STEM/STEAM method of learning.
Research has proven that children learn best when they are actively engaged and having fun, and Snapology meets those needs by hosting birthday parties, camps, and workshops, and scouting events, for children ages 1-14 with varying learning styles and needs.

For the longest Art wasn’t included in STEM learning and I’m not really sure why, because if STEM is all about being creative and engaging, there’s no better way to engage, express yourself and be creative than when you’re involved in the arts.

You might be thinking what’s so great about this STEAM philosophy?
I could give you several lengthy, scientific explanations on the benefits of STEAM, but you can Google or hop on Facebook and read all those articles, so I’ll give you a simple reason for why I like it.

Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math. They all connect to each other in some form.
Making connections, following my kids interest, hands-on learning and adapting to multiple children with different learning styles, and one with Autism, those are some of the reasons we Unschool and why STEAM flows naturally into our lifestyle.

It may sound complicated or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of money to spend, but still want to become more involved in this style of learning with your kids, start at home.
Use what you have right in front of you and branch out from there.

It doesn’t matter if your kids are homeschooled or traditionally schooled, you can use STEAM and probably have before.
Here are several ways we naturally integrate STEAM into our daily lives currently or have in the past.

Making Oobleck
Wii U
Kahn Academy
Animal Jam
Girls Go Games
Steve Spangler Science
National Geographic

I recently discovered JAM Online Courses and am looking forward to giving it a try.
From what I can see and what other parents are saying, JAM does an amazing job of incorporating STEAM into everything they do.

You are entering to win a LEGO® set of the Snapology mascot, Sebastian Gator (for kids 6 +)
The only requirement for entering this giveaway is to comment below and tell me what you think about Snapology and STEAM learning.

Giveaway closes on April 17th. Winner will be notified by email(only I will have your email address)on the 18th.
Sharing it not a requirement but I would appreciate you doing it.