I don’t Know What To Write or Not Write

I think I have writers block. That or I’ve been super busy or super lazy. Let’s just go with a mixture of all three. The children are getting older and there’s so much floating around on the internet about protecting our children’s privacy. I share so much here, and I do think about how it will affect them as they get older and start to read. Would they want me sharing their photos and stories about them? Will they be upset, will they feel I overstepped? Sometimes I wish I had started this blog under a pen name. The truth is, I’ve been holding back quite a bit lately. I’m not sure if what I have to say will be considered over-sharing, offensive, selfish, etc.

I’m also feeling the need to be a little more private. I know it’s hilarious for me to start thinking this way after plastering photos of us and sharing so much personally over the last four years. Maybe I’m in an in-between stage personally – trying to figure myself out. This is the time I need to be writing the most! There’s really no need for me to be shy now… you all know I’m not perfect! Sometimes I think every single post I publish needs to be this profound word…um, no. Sometimes I just want to slap up several pictures with a quote and say “have a nice day!” I actually might start doing that every so often.

I can’t help but post cute pictures of my kids and I don’t really want to stop. They keep doing cute stuff…like napping on the marshmallows in the store. Sure I could have kept it private, but it’s more fun this way. I love being able to go back and see how the kids have grown and changed. I guess I could put it into a paper album, but this blog is my album.

samnapmarshmallowsedit stuffed animals canna lily

I want to write more about how we’re coming along with K’s new official diagnosis.
Maybe I still need to think on it more before putting my thoughts into a post. I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching lately. A while back I made a list of different topics I wanted to talk about….guess I’ll start to work my way through them.

I’m rambling…but I feel a little more clear on where I stand with what I want to share and how.

Anyone else going through something similar or been there?