1. Oh that darn “look!.” Of ALL the things I remember about my childhood, I remember that look that most! Truly! I still get it. 😉

    I am guilty of giving the look but my daughter immediately bursts into tears and tells me I am scary. So yeah, I obviously do not employ that in my parenting arsenal! Although sometimes I do wish, secretly of course, that it would work on her like it did on me!

    • Yup, seeing that look of disapproval crushes the spirit. I’ve heard some parents say they want to crush their kids spirit. I’m going to assume that they believe it’s the only way to get a child to behave the way they want. And I don’t want my kids to be afraid of me either.

  2. “I don’t always get it right, but I think being aware and knowing to change the next interaction is key.” Amen to that!

    And yes, the look. Or the serious voice. I should have got the hint when the kids I taught ignored it too!

  3. I’m with you on still learning how to manage my emotions – that is, hands down, the most difficult piece of this parenting journey for me. Especially since (like you) I envisioned a much different style of parenting pre-kids.
    ~Dionna @ CodeNameMama.com

  4. Love this post — so powerful. I know totally what you mean about catching the scents and triggering memories. There’s so much that comes out from childhood when we parent, and it catches me off guard as I hear myself sounding just like my mother.

  5. lisarenee25

    Hey Mama!

    Great post!

    Going into parenthood, I never had any expectations – really. I knew i would never ever lay a hand on my children in anger, but that’s it. I sort of took the easy road I think . With very little expectations – I have a higher chance at success (so to speak).


    There are a lot of things that I never thought I would do – home birth, cloth diaper, etc.

    We are all on this adventure together, aren’t we. You, me, us and the whole world. It’s an exciting adventure – filled with wonderful experiences, disappointment, grief, excitement and all the other emotions you can think of.

    I love that you have changed and are constantly redefining your thoughts and actions. That’s a sign of a great Mama!

    Thank you for sharing your story so honestly! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

    • Darcel

      Thanks Lisa, It’s funny because we are bound to not be where and who we are five years from now. Our children will be older, we will be wiser.We’ll definitely have a good laugh at ourselves one day.

  6. I’ve just discovered your blog and this post really resonates with me. My strong – willed, high-needs child matched with my highly sensitive nature morphed by parenting from what I thought it would be, to instead fully heading down the path of attachment parenting and then gentle and respectful parenting. Not things I even knew existed before having kids. But I’m so glad that it’s where I’ve ended up.

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