Imperfect and Ordinary

I’ve been absent from this space over the last several months for a variety of reasons, the main one is feeling completely overwhelmed by life. I’ve given up on trying to keep up with all of it because in keeping with focusing on myself this year, I’m learning how to let go and be ok with it. I know I’m doing too much when I feel like jumping out of my skin on a regular basis. 

I also haven’t felt like I have anything valuable to share, but I had gotten into the habit of looking at everyone else’s lives and playing the comparison game. It doesn’t help when I hop on Pinterest to plan a birthday party, and everything is about making your instagram prettier and more engaging, or your blog more valuable. Don’t write or post a photo unless it’s exceptional. I might be exaggerating a little…and exceptional according to??? 
I am unhappy with the look of my blog and all the behind the scenes maintenance, so I decided to make the move to Squarespace. Then my computer somehow ended up with a virus and I’m probably looking at another month before I’ll have my laptop back up and running. No Squarespace for now and I’m feeling disappointed and annoyed. 

Then last week I read a post on how to reboot your creativity, and this post on how to be in the moment. Both posts made me feel a little better and encouraged me to keep moving no matter what. 

So here I am, working to let go of perfectionism and getting back to sharing the ordinary moments that I love. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last two weeks:

Enjoying sunshine with my crew at the outlet mall, Chipotle, decorating the girls room, coffee, playing at the park, and morning shenanigans with Mitten Sparkles.

Science fair at our homeschool co-op, Easter Sunday, hiking, specialist appointments. 

Coffee in the morning before the kids wake and not being able to resist a sleeping picture, baby ducks, tossing the ball in the front yard, waiting at the cable store for our new internet modem, and James Bond thinking I laid the skirt out just for him. 

Enjoying one of our favorite trails after almost two days of storms.