in the backyard

 I love having a backyard to play in. We can hang out in our jammies and play, come in the house for a quick bite and head back outside. I’m looking forward to getting our backyard in order for the duration of the time we’re here this year.

I’m so ready for warmer weather to stay. I love waking up every morning to the sunshine. It instantly puts me in a good mood. Kiah has been waiting for days like this she says mommy look! It’s a bright warm sunny day! Yes it is, lets go outside and play!

We made a big batch of cornstarch and water. We did this at co-op last week and the girls loved it. They call it goop.

Kiah said she made coffee and wanted me to take a picture. Looks yummy, no?

And then they made mud balls and sand castles.

Ava said to me mommy take a close picture of my sand castle. Sure thing babygirl.

Samuel cruised around the yard. He crawled backwards for so long. He went from crawling forward to pulling himself up on any and everything in one day. He’s ready to take off and explore. He’s getting so big, so fast!

Whenever you see Ava with her tongue out she’s really concentrating. I love this photo. Classic kid picture. Dirty, in pj’s outside, riding around without a care in the world.

I love this photo too. I remember the feeling of peeling something gooey and sticky off my hands when I was kid. Glue, mud, dried paint.

There are worse things he could put in his mouth…

You know it was bath time once we got back in the house.

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