Inexpensive Sensory Activity

I thought it would be fun to try making our own sensory toys.
I spent less than $10 at dollar general on all of the items pictured below.
We used a bag of rice, pack of balloons, small bag of sand, flat and round shaped marbles, fake grapes, and tiny containers.

We took all of our materials to the patio since the weather was so nice.
All three kids were really into making these sensory balloons.

sensory activity prep

I loved the idea of using different textures and shapes to add to the sensory and fine motor experience. It wasn’t as easy as it looked to push those marbles and grapes through those balloon holes!


We had music going and everyone worked on their own at first….one used marbles, one fake grapes, and the other tried to figure out how to get the rice in there without any assistance.
This is where those tiny containers come in.

tiny rice cup kidfun

They had fun figuring out how full they wanted their balloon, squishing it, molding it, feeling the weight to make sure it was just right. It was no surprise that each kid needed theirs either more or less full since each one has different sensory needs. An upside to making your own.

We put a couple of marbles in one and some rice in another to see which would be easier to feel out in the sand.
We found out a very full balloon filled with rice would mold like lumpy clay and sand was more stiff.

fill ballon with sand

They ended up with four balloons each. Fake grapes, marbles, sand, rice.
Kiah liked the feel of all the different textures so she sat, rolling all four around in her hands.
Ava said her favorite was the rice filled one and Samuel seemed to favor the fake grapes.

sensory ballons

Kiah appointed Princess Peach to guard her sensory balloons and containers.

princesspeach with sensoryballons

Then it was time for a kids bop dance party.


blowupaballoon running

I’m surprised we still have some of the balloons. I didn’t expect them to last more than two days!

Maybe we’ll make a few rice socks, or small bean bags made with beans and scrap fabric.
I told the occupational therapist about our little activity and she suggested putting whatever we’re going to use in plastic sandwich bags, duck-taping them and then placing them into a sock or fabric and sealing that up.

The kids have grabbed them to keep their hands busy while we’re grocery shopping. They’ll play with them at home just because they like the way it feels.

Inexpensive Sensory Activity

Mission accomplished.