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I’ve put a call out for maternity, birth, breastfeeding, mothering, newborn, infant, sibling photos to share for upcoming blog posts and to share on the Facebook wall. I’m looking mostly for women/men/babies/families of color but all are welcome to submit. I’ll always give credit back to you/your photographer. They don’t have to be professionals, I’ll take camera phone pictures as well. You can email them to me at themahoganyway(at)gmail(dot)com

I’m also thinking of stealing borrowing this Flickr Group idea from Natural Parents Network. I’m back volunteering with them on Twitter… come say hello!  Maybe I should try what PreggyBellies did, and I’m also thinking of starting a group board on Pinterest. I’m not sure what I want it to be centered around or if I should set up at least two group boards.

Ok, on with the links!


Mocha Manual – Model & Actress Tomiko Fraser Hines Shares Her 6yr Battle with Infertility. 

“There’s an even stronger stigma to infertility in the African American community. It’s a taboo subject in a culture where we are subjected to media messages that say black women are breeders who are always having babies.”

Midwives of Color – A Documentary titled SISTER

 “Sister tells the story of health workers from Ethiopia, Cambodia and Haiti, explores how they find meaning while working under difficult circumstances and reveals maternal and newborn death as a human rights issue.”

Postpartum Progress – Black With Postnatal Depression: My Doctor Had Never Treated A Black Woman.

I tried looking for more black women who had gone through this. I found three on Twitter. Three … that’s it.  I talked to anyone who cared to listen, and many made me feel insecure, like I was the only black woman to ever go through this.  I was told to smile, pray more, suck it up and enjoy my baby.  Why are you on meds? Don’t you know you’ll be dependant for life?  My very close cousin was scared of me, she told me I was going crazy.

World Doula Week – Twitter Chat on Life As A Doula . Today! If you’ve never participated in a Twitter Chat makes it so easy to follow along. Your hosts for the chat  @BodysWay and @cyberdoulasays. Hashtag #DoulaLifeWDW2013.

The chat is open to all birth workers and birth supporters; Doulas, Midwives, Breastfeeding Educators, Birth Assistants, All Birth Related Instructors etc.

Links from a couple of weeks ago: Midwifery and Racial Oppression, #BlkBFing Chat Highlights, Black Women & Medicaid Podcast and More!