1. Thanks for this. I think it’s not only nice but it’s also important for those of us are are mainstream, possibly insular, White folks to listen and *hear* about other peoples’ lives.

  2. This was great information. I’m a mother of an 8month old boy and I think about homeschooling often but it’s not a hot topic among my peers. I may have to go get some books myself and figure out if this will work for my family. My biggest question is how to make it work financially so I really appreciate the last question. I’ve also wondered how the learning is measured but children are pretty amazing and it seems like they pick up on things before we even notice. This was great!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to the next interview.

  3. tamika m.

    This was awesome! I’m sad that by the time I read it, Herb Fairies was no longer available, because it sounds great!

  4. Great interview! I’m still a newbie, but loving our unschooling journey, so far. I would love to see the number of black unschoolers (and homeschoolers, for that matter) continue to grow everywhere, but especially in my area. It’s hard not being able to connect as much in person, sometimes. But, this interview is great motivation. Hope you can find more (experienced) families to profile. 🙂

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