It is what it is

This is going to be a more than one cup of coffee day.

I did not sleep well last night because Samuel was all over the place. If his feet weren’t in my back, they were in my stomach, or I was getting slapped in the face with his tiny hand. He managed to knock the lamp down into the bed. He was sleeping sideways, or turning his body so his feet were in my face. He always looked like he was sleeping peacefully. I don’t understand it! How can he be all over the place like that and not seem the least bit disturbed?!

At one point I stared at the ceiling, waiting for my alarm to go off. When I finally decided to look at the phone to see the time, I realized I had 2hrs of possible sleep left. I think I’m being clever by getting up before my alarm. I’m making my coffee, getting ready to curl up under a blanket on the couch, and I hear “mooooommmmyyyyyy” followed by little footsteps. “I’m gonna sit in your lap” And he does, holding his Mario plush and his tablet, ready to watch Teen Titans Go.

I know he’s little and one day I’ll long to have him in my lap, and hear his little footsteps coming down the hall. I am reminded almost every time I whine about him being permanently attached to me, but right now, I would really enjoy having my body to myself for 5mins.

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Last week the handle on the oven broke off. I went to open the freezer and it was frozen shut. I made a 2nd cup of coffee and couldn’t find it…turns out it was on the left side of my laptop. I’m right-handed and rarely set anything on my left side.
Sunday night I was sitting in bed after the kids were asleep and tried to at least start working on my post, but the keyboard wouldn’t work. Yesterday morning the coffee maker decided it wasn’t going to brew.

The last few nights I’ve gone to bed around 11pm-midnight, which is very early for me.
Last week I mentioned being excited for life to slow down after all we had going on in June and July, but we’re halfway through this month and slow is not the word I would use to describe our August.

It is what it is. I’m going to stop fighting it and just roll with it.
This is me waving the white flag…

I’ve given up on having every room in the house clean at the same time. It’s not possible with three young children pulling everything back out the second I put it up. There’s unfinished projects that they may not get back to right away, petshop stations set up in various rooms, trains and trucks are hauling toys from room to room.

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Some nights I’ll go to bed with dishes in the sink because I can’t bring myself to wash them for the 4th time that day. We will have to contribute to ruining the environment by using paper/plastic products.
My sanity is more important right now.

I put up decorations by myself a few weeks ago and that’s good enough for me. I tried monkey hooks, those hooks with the tape on the back, but gave up and used hammer and nails, notice the touch of pink on the hammer?

Kitchen Decor
As much as I’ve been ranting, the truth is we have an amazing life. We’re all happy and healthy.
We’ve been out living and enjoying life. Sometimes I’ll look around and start smiling because I can’t believe we’re here. I’m where I’ve wanted to be for years, I love our spacious apartment. Everything has turned out better than I imagined.
I’m loving our life.

Now if I could actually sleep at night, that would be great.

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