July Was Good To Us

We visited the Children’s Discovery Garden again.

alittlelifeleft beeinaflower fuzzydetailandlight thatlight habitat

Back to Learning Tree Farm for their t-shirt dyeing event and to visit the farm animals.

geese barnlife grapevine monarch caterpillar
They let the kids pick chard, carrots, and green beans to try.


I don’t think he cared for the raw green bean.


This guy kept trying to eat my hand and camera…

pretty horse
I want one.
James Bond and Mitten Sparkles would be terrified!


Snap chat shenanigans…
MahoganyWayMama if you want to follow us.

snapchat antics

We’ve played with bubbles, checkers, our neighbors dogs, and watched sunsets from the front yard.


Dressed up like superheroes for VBS


Went to see Finding Dory then walked around “the city” for a bit.
Admired another beautiful sunset.

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Tried to catch a moment alone, but my shadow insists on always being with me because it makes him feel comfy.


Learning how to work with and photograph light in the house.
Watching them sleep, drinking lots of coffee, and being thankful life is full, but wishing I could sleep in more often.

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In denial about how fast she’s growing and changing, but loving that she has a thing for bright colors like I do.