Kenton County STREAM Center

I was invited to a blogger event for the new STREAM Center in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago.
As you know, I live in Ohio, but it was only an hour drive, and totally worth it.
The new (S)cience (T)echnology (R)eading (E)ngineering (A)rt (M)ath  Center is pretty great.
I wish we had one closer to us, but I don’t mind making the drive once in a while.

Here is a list of tools and activities available at the Center:

      • 3D Printer
      • Soldering Irons
      • Embroidery & Sewing machines
      • Poster Printer
      • Looms
      • Welder
      • Keyboard w/headphones
      • Scratch based robot
      • Lego

I like how this center is set up for self-directed learning, which you know I am a fan of. The children can learn new skills, tinker, create, explore at their own pace and skill level.
You can reserve certain equipment for individuals or groups, and the staff will always be available to answer questions or help with if needed.

The STREAM Center isn’t just for kids! Creatives, business owners, hobbyists are also encouraged to use this space.
You can find more information about the Kenton County Library STREAM Center, upcoming activities, and events on their Facebook or Instagram pages.