Like my new boyfriend? He’s pretty amazing but he doesn’t have name yet, and I’m still figuring out how to use him. It’s only been a week but we’re getting along very well.


Kiah has been asking me to take pictures of her all week, so I have.


I’ve been taking pictures of everything!


This is the bacteria that grew in a 24hr period from Nakiah’s finger.
The other two want to give it a try next. As I said in my last post, we have plenty of supplies left over to run more science experiments.


Spring is coming! I’m so excited….even though it’s cloudy and cooler today, but the forecast says 60-70 for the next several days.


On Monday I took the kids to the Apple Store for the first time and they refused to get out of the car once we pulled up.
They said it looked boring but I told them it was all kinds of fun and they could play on and touch every tablet, phone, and computer in the place. They still didn’t believe me, but each went their own way ohhing and ahhing once we walked in the store.
We were in there for over an hour and they still weren’t ready to leave.


My phone is still acting up but I’m sure they won’t mind us having to visit the Apple store again.

I wanted to walk around the square a little more since it was in the 60’s that day, but they were hungry and we still had a few more stops to make.

The Greene

We watched a pretty sunset.


Samuel lost his 2nd tooth the other day…


A very nice lady let us play with her Teacup Chihuahua at the park on Tuesday.

Teacup puppy

Ava asked if we could get one, but the answer is not right now for several reasons….one being I think Mitten Sparkles and James Bond would try to eat it.


Caught every frame of Nakiah’s cartwheel but this was my favorite, and who else is loving that it’s still light after 6:30pm?


Master James…

MasterJames JamesBond

Can we take a moment to discuss how big this one is getting?
He’s loosing teeth, getting taller, and even slept through the night in his own room.
My baby isn’t a baby anymore. I can’t handle it!


I finished this cowl last Friday and am in love with it! It’s so big and squishy.
This photo is pretty true to color, but I’m going to see if I can get a picture of me wearing it outside so you can see how big and squishy it is.

I’ve also cast on for another cowl but this one is a gift for someone else.